Curiosities About Products

With hundreds of brick options and help articles provided by Kule Concept, you can build more beautiful and comfortable spaces…

Are your products imported?

Yes, our products are imported and made in Europe.

How many days will it take to receive the product I ordered?

Depending on your region, order delivery time may vary, you can contact us from the contact section to get more accurate information about this.

If I am not satisfied with my purchase, can I return it?

Our return process varies depending on the region and the products sold. For detailed information on this subject, please contact us via the contact page.

Is there a chance to examine the products on site?

Yes, you can visit our Kule Concept Istanbul office to examine our products closely and get information in a formal way. Please click here for address and other contact information.

The product I am looking for is not available on your site, what can I do?

If the product you request is available from our European suppliers, we can create a special order form depending on the order quantity. Please contact us for this.

Curiosities About Website

You can examine all the products exhibited on the Kule Concept corporate website, and access comprehensive information about our company…

Is an e-commerce platform?

No, you can access all brick products on Kule Concept’s website. You can think of the areas where the products are exhibited as a web-based catalog. You can contact us from the contact page about the product you want to buy.

Do you have all the products published on your website in stock?

Yes, all products displayed on are in stock.

Apart from the products published on your website, do you have other products in stock?

No, all of our products are published on

Do I need to be a member of your website?

No, you can review all products on our website without being a member and contact us.

How can I access information about how long the products on your website are in stock?

You can get information about how long the product you requested is in stock by contacting us via the information on the contact page.

I found the product I was looking for on your website but the color or design is not exactly what I was looking for, what can I do?

Please contact us for detailed information about the different variations of our products and the availability of special productions.

Curiosities About Kule Concept Company

We have been responding to the needs of bricks and brick products in the construction sector for many years. We are very pleased to help you in this regard…

Are you the distributor of leading brick companies in Europe in Türkiye?

Yes, we are the supplier of Europe’s leading brick manufacturers such as ABC-Klinker, Röben and Wienerberger, especially Nelissen in Türkiye.

Do you have showrooms?

Yes, we have periodic and regional showrooms, please contact us for more information.

Where is your office in Istanbul?

Address of our head office: Zümrütevler Mah. Semazen Sk. No:11-19 A Blok Kat:3 Daire 16 Maltepe/Istanbul/Türkiye

What are your phone numbers?

You can contact us at +90 535 025 0443 GSM number. Please ignore calls from other numbers under the title of Kule Concept.

Do you have another email address?

Yes, you can send us an e-mail from, which is our e-mail address for the main contact. Please disregard e-mails from e-mail addresses whose domain name does not end with “” under the title of Kule Concept.